Weekend Update: Charleston Marathon

It was a beautiful day at the Charleston Marathon.  Team AMEC didn’t have any athletes racing the full,  but we had a lot of success in the half marathon!




While Scotty’s main focus is riding across the country this summer for Scotty’s Ride for Water,  he still loves to run for cross training.  He had an amazing result today, shaving almost 30 minutes off his previous PR and making his goal of breaking 2 hours.  He came in at an impressive 1:58!

Sunday was the after the marathon ride and he completed the 40 miles in 2:05.  He finished with the lead group!IMG_1177

He’s a remarkable 12 year old. Be sure to follow his journey this summer on his facebook page.












Sarah met her goal of breaking 1:40 with a time of 1:38. Not only was this a PR for her, it was also good enough for 5th in her AG – a measly 3 seconds behind 4th place.  She’s got the Charlie Post Classic 15k to crush in a few weeks, then we’ll focus on the 2017 triathlon season.






While we are on the topic of PRs, Missy also crushed her previous best by 12 minutes and achieved her goal of breaking 2 hours. She finished in 1:56 and I am so proud of her! If you’ve been reading these updates you’ll know that she’s had a great running season- she significantly crushed her time each time at every 5k she has done since we started working together.






Ken didn’t PR today but he came in at 1:51 which was good enough for a 2nd place in the male 65-69 AG.







No PR for Joelle either, but she had a great time of 1:55.  Consistent training has been a bit of a challenge for her over the holiday season due to being a clothing retail manager and putting in crazy hours, but she went out and enjoyed herself which is all that matters.




Great job everyone! It’s been a little quiet lately on the Weekend Update front, but the 2017 season is kicking into gear now and expect to read about a bunch of awesomeness soon!



Bike Law RAAM Promo Shoot-112


One last thing… I’m part of a 4 person team in Race Across America this summer. It’s an epic 3000+ mile race from Oceanside, Ca to Annapolis, Md that we hope to finish in less than 8 days.  Be sure to like our Bike Law / Cycle for Survival facebook page and follow us on our journey.  I expect it to be a pretty entertaining page. We’d love your support as we raise money for rare cancer research.  If you would like to donate, please visit our gofundme page. We appreciate your support.


Weekend Update: Nexton Cocoa Cup

img_6930We had a great showing at the Nexton Cocoa Cup this weekend. This is a really fun and festive event and I highly recommend you do it next year.


Mini-me PR’ed with a 23:17 and placed 1st in her AG.  This was her first win and she was beyond excited.  Her next goal is to break 23 at the Charlie Post Classic.




Missy continues to dominate her running, as  she has PR’ed the last 3 5ks she’s done. She finished in 24:08, crushing her previous PR which was set last month by over a minute. I am so excited to see her crush the Charleston Half Marathon in January. I expect a PR there, too.



And finally, Meridee who is taking a short vacation from official training after her marathon is still in the top of her form, placing 2nd in her AG and 3rd overall Masters Female with a time of 21:04.


Great job, ladies!

It’s crazy to think that there is nothing more to report in 2016, but we will eb moving full steam ahead in January.  Stay tuned.

Weekend Update: Ironman NC, Myrtle Beach Half Marathon, Ironman Miami 70.3, Aruba Challenge

This was a busy weekend for Team AMEC. We had 9 racers representing in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Aruba!

Ironman NC

10221608041 It was a cold start at Ironman NC img_2334and it proved to be a VERY windy day.  Regardless, we had a fantastic day in both the 70.3 and the full ironman- which was shortened by 56 miles on the bike due to the conditions of the roads and flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  A special shout out to Shannon for her amazing sign and support, and also to Bree who took the day to travel up there to be a cheerleader.







Joelle, Milo and Missy both became first time 70.3 finishers, and Rick became a first time 84.6 finisher.


The wind made for some slower than normal times but as anyone knows,  there’s nothing you can do about weather conditions.  Everyone still gave 100% effort and did great.






Rick finished the “full” distance in 8:44- on track for the time we had expected should the bike course been the full 112 miles.  I would expect that another full ironman will be in his future.



Unfortunately not a PR for Melissa – she finished in 6:47- but the wind was never as bad as today.  14695581_1286007868117689_294281247207792026_n

She crushed it so hard that she got to spend some time with an IV afterwards! She is fine and felt great right after- in fact, probably better than anyone else.



img_2548Joelle finished a minute before her, in 6:46 and Missy came in at the 7 hour mark.  Milo had a great run split to come in at 5:38, a great first time 70.3/windy conditions time!




Honestly, because of the conditions everyone’s bike times were about 30 minutes off from what we expected so I think everyone’s times reflect 100% effort.

So proud of all of them- HUGE progress was made this year and I can’t wait until 2017.







Myrtle Beach Half Marathon




Before the half on Sunday, Elizabeth was busy running a 5k on Saturday.  THEN she proceeded to PR the half marathon by almost 8 minutes. She’s knocking on the door of breaking 3 hours and is become quite the running beast.

I expect a text from her any time now regarding another half marathon soon.











Meridee is in taper week for the Marine Corp Marathon next weekend where she is hoping to PR and qualify for Boston.  Needless to say, when she asked me what I thought about racing today I told her she could go “run and have fun.” BUT if she tried to race it I would “stab her.” So, she dressed as a bat, ran with a friend, and had fun.  Stay tuned to read about her killing it next week.






Ironman Miami 70.3

Luis finished his triathlon season with a fantastic time of  5:03 in Miami on Sunday. We had hoped to break 5 hours but in this case the swim conditions proved to be difficult.  Very strong currents made for slower swim times.  Most returning racers said that their swim times were about 10 minutes slower than last year.  So, if the conditions had been a little more favorable we would have absolutely made our goal.


Challenge Aruba

Danny had a great day finishing up his 2016 season in Aruba. He was battled hot and windy conditions and still killed it. He finished 3rd in his AG.


Great job everyone! Check in next week for more exciting results.



Weekend Update: Columbus Half Marathon, The Dam Tri, Susan G Koman Race for the Cure 5k

I love when the texts from my athletes start coming through on race weekends. This weekend brought nothing but good news from all of them!

Columbus Half Marathon




Michael did amazing at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon.  He went in with the hopes of breaking 2 hours and he did, finishing in 1:57:55.   Additionally this CRUSHED his previous best time of 2:10:02- almost 1 min/mile faster splits. He worked so hard and I am so proud of him!







The Dam Tri





Bree and Doug both had great days in Columbia on Saturday.

Bree had a strong performance at the Dam Tri, the last triathlon in the Setup Events SC Triathlon Series. She wrapped up the season with two special accomplishments of the series: the Midlands Region SC Champ and the overall Series Champion.

She has been pushing through a nagging back injury this season and it is great to see her wrap it up with these wins.  Now it’s time for some rest and recovery and we’ll be back at it for next year in no time.





Doug also has a great end of season. He placed 2nd in his AG at the Dam Tri.




He also took home the Upstate Region and Midlands Region SC Champ as well as the overall series win.   I’m very happy for him!





I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Missy for her bad-ass accomplishment at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k in Charleston.  She had a personal best 5k time of 26:12.  That’s a 8:27 min/mil pace-over 30 seconds per mile faster than her previous best.  She also placed 6th in her AG- in a field of over 150 runners.  So excited for her and can not wait to see how she does next weekend at her first half ironman!

Weekend Update: Swim Around Charleston, Augusta 70.3, Cystic Fibrosis Ride, Hellhole Gravel Grind

It was another great- but HOT- weekend for Team AMEC athletes. We were doing a little bit of everything: swimming, triathlon, road riding, and gravel grinding.

Swim Around Charleston



3 Team AMEC athletes swam and 1 Team AMEC athlete and Team AMEC fans acted as boat support for the 12 mile Swim Around Charleston.





Madison braved the waters for the entire 12 miles, swimming in the solo category and finishing in 5 hours, 19 minutes. She wanted to finish in 6 hours so obviously all the long hours and and meters swam in training paid off.



Kelsey traveled back to Charleston to visit her friends and teammates and swam in a duo category with Joelle. They placed 2nd in their category.  This was GREAT training and a nice change of pace for both ladies.  Kelsey is training for IM Arizona and Joelle is weeks away from IM NC 70.3.







Even though none of them were likely paying attention to the scenery, it appears to have been a beautiful day.

Perhaps Missy and Shannon were able to enjoy it while being the  supporting boat crew for Kelsey and Joelle.  Team member and proud dad Jerry acted as support for Madison.








And as usual, the entire team managed to get a picture together. I’ve said it before but one of the things that makes me most proud of my team is how supportive they are of each other.


Augusta 70.3img_3552

Anyone who had a friend or loved one racing Augusta 70.3 this weekend knows that the heat was BRUTAL and proved too much for many of the racers.

Tracey managed to muddle through, really feeling the temperatures on the run.  Her time was not what she wanted it to be but given the conditions she should be proud of herself for simply finishing.

Bree wasn’t as lucky, unfortunately. Having been plagued with lower back issues for the last few months, her bike leg proved to be very painful.  By the time she got to the run the pain and the heat were just too much to bear.  As any athlete knows, some days just aren’t in our control.  The only thing you can do is get over it and move on.  She’s a tough lady and I know she’ll carry on.




Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life


Mother and Son Team AMEC athletes Pam and Scotty rode for a cure on Saturday.  Pam rode the 30 mile ride and Scotty did the 100.  For those that remember a few years back, Scotty created the Scotty’s Ride for Water raising money and awareness for Water Mission International.  He rode across the state of SC.  Well, next summer he will be taking it a few steps further and riding across the country! He has been training so hard and AMAZINGLY was one of the first finishers of the 100 miler.  And he’s 12. I’d say he has a future :-)






Hellhole Gravel Grind


And finally… While I never post my own results here, I wanted to today because I am so happy.  It was a brutal weekend in the Hellhole Swamp at the Hellhole Gravel Grind,a 3 day stage race on the gravel roads of the Francis Marion Forest. This is the 4th year of the event and I have been after the top stop on the podium since it’s inception.  Going into the 3rd day I was sitting in second and prepared to miss it once again.  However, no matter how things appear if you stay focused and shop up ready to go – you never know what might happen.  I FINALLY did it, winning the 3rd day stage and then once the 3 days of times were combined won the entire race.

And thanks to Brian Fancher of Brian Fancher Photography for the great pictures that captured all the moments of the weekend.

Never give up.