Weekend Update: CSTS #1, Mountains to Main Street, and 5ks galore.

Race season is in full swing as evidenced by the fact that Team AMEC had 14 racers this weekend.

Elizabeth and Meridee took part in a couple of 5ks on Saturday.




Meridee, who is coming back from a stress fracture in her femur, won overall Masters Female at the Run Forest Run 5k.  We are slowly ramping her back up in hopes of a good finish at the Chicago Half Marathon in July.



Elizabeth is continuing to make fitness a part of her family’s routine.  She and her son ran the Sunset Beach 5k together.  They’ll be participating in a mud run together this weekend as well! And then Elizabeth will be racing her first triathlon at the SheTris triathlon in Mount Pleasant!




Sunday, we had a HUGE showing at the first Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series IMG_0044

melsarI always love to get pictures of Team AMEC peeps together.  Seeing the friendships they have formed and the support they have for one another is just as rewarding to me as watching them improve.

Of course, helping them improve is the name of the game and today was great day of improvements!

We’ll start with the ladies and I’ll go in alphabetical order :)




breeWe made some adjustments to Bree’s bike fit and she came back strong after her painful ride at TryCharleston.  She scored herself a 3rd place in her division and adds another coffee mug to her kitchen cabinet. Next up for Bree is the SheTris triathlon.


13227143_10153623374788201_195593808048287038_nJoelle continues to put out great results and today she placed 3rd in her AG.  She’ll be racing the entire CSTS series as training leading up to her first half-ironman, Ironman 70.3 North Carolina in October.





Kelsey came to town to visit from Colorado on Friday.  Right before she left for Charleston I texted her that she should do the race for fun and see everyone.  She agreed and pulled out a win in her AG.  It was her first race all season, plus she’d been on vacation the last 2 weeks. I am super impressed! She’s got a handful of things coming up, but her big race of the year is her first full ironman, Ironman Arizona.




Melissa PR’ed today by 2 minutes, posted her first sub-40 minute bike split, AND placed 2nd in her AG. She is super excited and so am I! Melissa will also be taking part in the entire CSTS and the SheTris triathlon in a few weeks.






Sarah also PR’ed today and won her AG.  Just like with Kelsey,  Sarah had no plans of racing until a few days before.  She came off her 1st place in AG win last weekend in Jekyll Island and texted me Wednesday asking if it would be OK if she raced on Sunday.  I replied “Yes, but you have to win.” Looks like it worked.


Now, let’s talk about the boys…

Milo is a brand new Team AMEC peep and has missed the memo on needing to send me a post-race picture.  He’s a real dude, though, and hopefully I’ll get him to comply next race.  Anyways, he managed to PR by a whopping 12 minutes! He placed 8th in his AG- a very competitive one- and we are looking to spend this year moving him up to the top.


pearcePearce has been around for a while so he didn’t disappoint in the photo department. And look! He is also holding a mug. He placed 2nd in his division.  Not bad considering it was the first time he swam all year and he picked up his tri bike from my house on Friday- where it had been for a while. He had a GREAT day and is now super motivated to put all this job business behind him and start training again! We’ll be doing some fun stuff this year so stay tuned.






Jerry also placed 1st in his AG! He’s been coming to totalcyclist classes since day 1 and we’ve worked together for a while. He is so dedicated and deserves all of his success.  He’ll be heading to San Fransisco next week for the Alcatraz swim.  He’s an impressive guy!


scottyAnd FINALLY, my secret little weapon.  You may remember a few years ago when Scotty decided to ride his bike across the state of South Carolina for clean water at the age of 10. Scotty’s Ride for Water was such a pleasure to be a part of.  This kid is amazing.  Now at the ripe old age of 12 he’s run a half marathon and today finished his first triathlon. He placed 2nd in his AG (which was under 19) and is hooked. He’ll be racing more of the series, doing another half marathon,  and something  SUPER spectacular and huge that I am not at liberty to mention just yet.  But soon, so stay tuned. This will definitely be something to follow.




Also on Sunday was the Mountains to Main Street half distance triathlon. It was a windy day on an already tough (but fun) course. This is the first time I have a half where only a few men -and no women :( – broke 5 hours.  Nevertheless we had a great day here, too.



Don had a great ending to Phase 1 of his Kona training by placing 2nd Master’s Male and 12th overall.  He will be enjoying the next 8 days of R&R because we will be ramping up Phase 2 in preparation to have a great World Championship result.


IMG_3071Tracey was all smiles and happy to survive the grueling conditions of the day, placing 13th in her AG. She said “It was the toughest race to date.” Personally, I always think those are the best.  Now I should be able to convince her to do all sorts of things 😉

Finally, Doug- who is always late with a picture and thus it may or may not be here when you read this- pulled out a 4th in his AG. He continues to amaze me with his volume of racing.  He’ll be taking no time off as he has another race next weekend which I bet he’ll podium at.

Weekend Update: Promise Land 50k, Capital City Half-Marathon, Lake Murray Triathlon

FB_IMG_1462141894903Great weekend for Team AMEC peeps, as usual!

Rick did the soul-crushing Promise Land 50k , a 34 mile ultra-marathon with 7000 feet of climbing.  It took 8 hours, 20 minutes. He trained really hard for this and did great,  especially considering the flat training terrain of Charleston!  He’s going to take a little break to recover and then we’ll transition to Ironman training.


IMG_8730 The Ohio representatives of Team AMEC tackled the Capital City Half-Marathon in Columbus.  The race was a US Qualifier this year and the course was tough.  The last few miles took the runners into some very hilly terrain- at that point you just wish the race was over already!  I am very proud of both of them! Jenn bested her last half- marathon time.  They are going to transition into some other training now- getting back on their bikes and prepping for some duathlon fun!


20160501_111350Finally, Doug continued his podium streak at the Lake Murray triathlon.  He finished second and acquired more points towards the SCTS championship series.  He is a few weeks away from the Mountains to Main Street half distance and I know he is going to do great!


Thanks for checking in!

Athlete Spotlight: Jason Mailloux

Time to catch up with another one of my awesome peeps- Jason!

Kiawah Island marathon Dec 5 2010 014kiawha olympic triathlon
<<<<Life before being coached by Anne


Life while coached by Anne>>>>



City I represent: Summerville

Occupation:  Clinical Pharmacist at Summerville Medical Center

Coached by Anne since: February 2015

Biggest accomplishment: Finishing my first Olympic distance triathlon at Kiawah 2015 and my first half iron distance at Try Charleston 2016

Goal(s) for 2016: My first goal was TryCharleston, which is done!  I also want to continue to improve on my Sprint triathlon times as well as a 1/2 marathon PR.  Who knows, I might even give the full marathon another try

Fun fact: I love to cook! Pastries and other desserts are my favorites.  Probably why I run so much, so I can eat it all!!

Anne says: Jason is super energetic and always excited to train and race.  He goes into everything with a great attitude.  We have seen so much improvement in his race times across the board- and I know it’s from his positivity and hard work.  Even when things do not go his way- like when we trained so hard for his first metric century only for him to get hit by a dog which crashed him out and he couldn’t finish- he has the “It’s ok, we will try again next time!” attitude.  Now if I could only get him to stop stepping on weird things and hurting his foot or twisting his ankle right before races…

Weekend Update: TryCharleston and Conway 5k



What a fantastic weekend of racing for Team AMEC peeps. We had a huge showing at TryCharleston with Bree, Dawn, Don, Doug, Jason and Melissa doing the half, Tracey and Joelle doing the sprint and Jerry and Madison competing as a team in the sprint.  Plus, Elizabeth continued her long streak of 5ks with the Conway 5k.

TryCharleston had conditions that proved to be a challenge for everyone.  As any athlete knows, there are stories behind every race – good and bad- and we ran the gamut today.


<< As always, I love to see my peeps meet up in the transition area pre-race and snap some pics.  Every one is so sweet and supportive of each other.  Here’s Melissa and Bree all smiles before the start.






Let’s start talking about the race with the men first this time.  We had Jason, Ken, and Don participating.



Jason completed his first half distance with a time of 6:36 and 10th place in his AG.  These were tough conditions for a first race- really cold water on the swim and brutal winds on the bike.  With the coldest swim Jason had ever experienced, he found himself having a hard time catching his breath until the second buoy.  However, once he got into his rhythm he was good to go.  Once on the bike it became clear that our goal race pace was just not going to happen and he played it smart- instead of trying to push it to maintain a pace that would overextend him, he held back and saved it for the run.  He had a good run and came in all smiles! I am looking forward to seeing what he now wants to add to his race calendar later this year.




Ken had a good day!  The last few years he has had some bad half distance races that resulted in DNFs.  Heat-related conditions cause his issues so we decided to take a different approach this year and do a race where heat would likely not be an issue.  Result? He finished with a good time and a top spot podium pic!




<< It was great to see work colleagues Ken and Jason catch up after the race.





Doug had a good day with a great bike split under the windy conditions -an average of 10 watts higher than last year.  He brought it home with a podium spot, too! A 3rd place in AG is not a bad way to have a training day race.  We are 6 weeks away from his first ‘A’ race of the year and we are right on track to crush it!

Don’s story is the same as Doug’s.  He is also 6 weeks out from Mountains 2 Main Street, which we are using as his spring ‘A’ race to get a foundation for Kona in the fall.  He also had a higher than last year average power on the bike so I am happy with that!


Now let’s talk about the ladies!

Dawn- who happens to be Don’s sister- completed her first half distance and got a 3rd place AG podium finish! She has been working SO hard- giving every training day 100%.  It paid off because she had a great race, especially a GREAT bike split.  We learned a lot about how we need to prepare for her next half distance race in the fall.  Her attitude is awesome and I know we are going into the next phase of her training with a fire in her spirit. Stay tuned for a fantastic 2016 for her!




Melissa finished her first TryCharleston with a 2nd place AG podium finish! Last year she did the sprint distance.  We decided for 2016 to do both a spring and fall half and I am very pleased with her results for her first race of the season.  I am looking forward to another year of PRs from her!






While Melissa did fantastic in her race, her biggest achievement for TryCharleston 2016 is Teammate of the Year.  As I transition into talking about Bree’s race I want to mention one more time how happy I am that my people are so supportive of one another.  Bree had a bad day out on the course and Melissa stayed til the end to see her through and offer support and encouragement.  I am so proud of BOTH of them for such a display of true athleticism and camaraderie.  Honestly, it is as fulfilling to report on how great everyone is to one another as it is to report on people’s improvements.


0416161604b Bree’s race was a test in mental toughness and total determination.  I am going to post her race report in her own words today:

“Yes it was cold this morning, Yes the water was cold but not unbearable. My time was more than last year but I am VERY happy with my swim – I did bilateral breathing the whole time and did ‘alligator peekaboo’ sighting.

I was warm enough on the bike but geez could it have been any more windier??? I planned on a solid 15mph (my avg) and was hoping for 16mph… I was lucky to break 13 sustained. My lower back was killing me. I told myself I would push through till 3 hours and see how far I had left. At 3 hours I kept saying 5 more minutes and then 5 more minutes. I finally made it to the last aid station, unclipped and told the lady [Anne’s note: that “lady” was Catherine Hollister of Blue Sky Endurance] I was done… she talked me in to continuing (I never did find you and beat you up but thank you… and thank you for texting Anne). As soon as I left that aid station the cop who was giving me an escort.. yes by this time I had an escort and he got on his microphone and said “YOU ARE NOT LAST”! THANK YOU!!

On to the run. My mental game was caput. I told myself I would at least do one lap and see if they pulled me for time. I knew after a 4 hour bike I would not make time. So I ran/walked – felt good, hip niggled but back was good as soon as I got off the bike. Don’t have any real excuse for my poor performance the first half of the run except my mind was still recovering. At the turn around the staff member said I had an hour and 40 minutes left… I could do that. Made it a couple of miles and the nausea hit… took a zofran so I wouldn’t puke. Pace slowed way down. SCTS staff Matt kept riding by on his Mtn bike… I kept asking how much more time do I have and he said ‘you have till you finish’. At about 8 hours the EMT & race staff checked on me because apparently I was the last one… there was a lady behind me but she was pulled because she ‘wasn’t legit’ and to that Bryce and friends sang a song about me… too legit, too legit to quit! So I kept going. I wasn’t quitting. Chatted with Matt for the last mile (thank you) or so.


I get to the end and guess who is there??? Fellow Anne Moore Endurance friend Melissa! She waited for me!! HUGE SHOUT OUT!! Thank you. I get to the finish line and all the stuff is already packed up so there is a spray painted finish line. To which Bryce had walked over and asked ‘can you write Bree’s over that?’ So Yes, I had my own finish line at TryCharleston.
OH YEAH, I still got 2nd place. Athena



So, yeah, super proud of her.  As anyone who has raced long enough can tell you- they aren’t all good.  In fact, a lot of them are bad.  It’s the bad races that make you tougher.  So Bree wins TryCharleston 2016 in my mind.


Over on the TryCharleston Sprint distance side- both Joelle and Tracey placed 1st in the AGs AND came in within 2 seconds of each other.  Neither of them bothered to snap a picture but I am going to hunt one down and post it.  Both ladies used this race as a warm-up to half distance season.  Tracey is 6 weeks out from Mountains 2 Main Street and Joelle is doing Ironman 70.3 North Carolina in October.


FullSizeRender And last, but NEVER least, Elizabeth PR’ed yet again at the Conway 5k with a time of 37:45.  She’ll be at it again this weekend and STAY TUNED because she will be participating in her first triathlon this summer at the She Tris Women’s Sprint Triathlon.


What a great group of people I have.  Of course, I am always looking for more!  Contact me if this report inspires you to join our team.

Until next week,


Athlete Spotlight: Kelsey Voyles

I have mentioned in the past that I am thrilled to be the coach of not one, not two, but three Voyles women.  Kelsey is the one who started it all- I began coaching her when she first moved to Charleston and she subsequently brought her sister and mom in to the mix.  She is such a sweet girl and am so happy that we crossed paths!

FullSizeRenderState I represent: Colorado

Occupation: Copper Mountain Ski Resort employee

Coached by Anne since: May 2014

Biggest accomplishment: completing Boulder 70.3

Goal(s) for 2016: my first full distance, Ironman Arizona

Fun fact: I moved to Charleston while working for Anthropologie and began being coached by Anne.  She suggested that I try TotalCyclist classes where I met a bunch of great people that I began racing with.  I miss all my Charleston friends!

Anne says: Kelsey is the sweetest Georgia girl and I have loved working with her.  Our Team AMEC/TotalCyclist community took her in and they all began racing together.  She was always willing to try new adventures like the Swim around Charleston that she did with other AMEC/TC peeps Jerry, Madison and Joelle.  She never missed a Monday night TotalCyclist class and we really miss her!  She’s planning on returning to Charleston for the Swim again- perfect training leading up to her first full Ironman!