Weekend Update: IOP Beach 10k, Swamp Rabbit Triathlon, Racine 70.3, Chicago Half-Marathon, Alzheimer’s Ride to Remember

It was a very busy weekend for my athletes.

On Saturday, there was the Isle of Palms Beach Run 10k and the Swamp Rabbit Triathlon in Greenville.



Sarah endured the crazy hot temperatures to come in 2nd overall and win her AG at the IOP beach run.  As I have said all along, you have to Suffer to Succeed and clearly Sarah has adopted this mantra.  As you can see, she experienced EXTREME suffering during her race. I am very proud of her- not that she wasn’t a great athlete before working with me, but I have definitely seen a transformation in her fierceness.


Doug also had a good Saturday in Greenville.  He found himself on the podium once again; placing in 2nd in his AG.  This also furthers his lead in the SC Triathlon Series.  It won’t be long before he clinches his position on the first step.


Tracey had an interesting Sunday. The weather in Racine put a damper on the Ironman Racine 70.3.  Due to storms rolling through, the swim was cut and the bike leg shortened to 30ish miles.IMG_5913  Once the rain cleared it was hot and humid and windy.   Nevertheless, she rocked it out and finished her first “44.1” She adds that to her first “72.3” that she completed earlier this year at Mountains to Main Street- so this has been the year of unusual distances.




In Chicago, however, the weather proved to be perfect and my ladies BOTH PR’ed.


Meridee apparently helped herself to some reward chocolate coming in at 1:39.  13754142_10153532119535146_4991744588569436643_nOur goal was for her to PR and break 1:40 and she did both!  She is a good reminder to all those who are battling injury that being smart and easing back in to training is best and once you are well you can work hard and be better than ever.






Missy also looked fierce out there- shaving 3 minutes off her best time and coming within striking distance of breaking 2 hours.  I am very proud of all her hard work! She’s going to keep getting faster and faster and I can’t wait to see her progress- especially at her first 70.3 this fall.




And finally, Dawn and Don had a great weekend of riding, covering a lot of ground across the state of SC for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Ride to Remember.  Racing is certainly not the only reason we train – it’s wonderful to ride for a purpose.


Weekend Update: Clemson Triathlon and CSTS #3

Hello! And welcome to this week’s weekend update.  Yet another weekend of great results. Let’s start in the upstate at the Clemson Triathlon.

Bree had a GREAT day, coming in 5th in her division but most importantly SMASHING her previous best time at that race by almost 8 minutes!  She crushed her PR splits on the swim and the bike and cruised in at 1:52, breaking 2 hours for the first time in her 3rd time at this race.  Especially awesome considering she was on vacation all week and drove there from her mountain getaway.

Doug also had a good day, missing the podium by a measly 11 seconds.  His run has always been his limiter and all our hard work is paying off- he had his best run split by almost 30 seconds/mile.  He continues his almost every weekend race schedule and he is racing himself into tip top form.   This race finish bumped him to first place in the SC Triathlon Series and I hope he will hold that through the season.

Neither one of those dummies got pictures so you’ll just have to imagine how pro they looked.

At the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series race #3 we had a great showing.  It was hotter than hell and EVERYONE had slower run splits, but in those types of temperatures that’s to be expected.


Cindi and Sarah dominated the female 30-34 AG.  Cindi took 1st and Sarah took the 2nd step of the podium.  Cindi had faster swim and bike splits and came within seconds of her last race time, which if you remember was a PR for her.  Sarah PR’ed by about a minute and with her typical split run she would have crushed it even more.  Super proud of both these ladies- they are working very hard!

Joelle had a good training and then good karma race today.  She flatted on the bike and learned how to change it quickly with the adrenaline of a race. Then she decided to forgo her own splits and pace someone on the run who was struggling.  She will automatically advance to having better luck next time for her good deed.





Bree doubled up this weekend and it worked out quite well.  After a great race on Saturday she managed to pull out a 2nd place podium finish on Sunday! She broke 40 minutes on her bike split which is a personal best for her, which makes me super excited!





Melissa also had a GREAT bike split- shaving almost a minute off her best and coming in at 38:20.  She had a solid performance and pulled in a 7th place in her AG finish.





On the men’s side, Pearce flew back in to town from a week of tropical vacation and placed 2nd in his division.


charleston tri 7-10-16   c


Jason started his summer race season with a solid start- besting his swim split by over 23 seconds.  He maintained a solid bike and run and came in 13th in his highly competitive AG.


He also managed to get a shot where he is running with Melissa 😉

charleston sprint tri 7-10-16  d


Milo continued to be consistently consistent by coming in at 1:10- as he did in #1 and #2.  This time it was a good showing for 6th place.

Weekend Update: Tri the Midlands, Siesta Key Olympic Triathlon

More podiums over the weekend at the Tri the Midlands and Siesta Key Olympic triathlons.



At Tri the Midlands both Bree and Doug took the 2nd step in their divisions/AGs.

While we are starting IM training Bree is sitting well in the SC Triathlon Series – 2nd place currently and only about 100 points from 1st- so we will racing these sprints as training days for IM Florida.

Doug has been racing himself through the summer and is getting closer to that top step- he was only 30 seconds from 1st.  He is sitting in 1st place in the SC Triathlon Series by almost 1000 points.





At the Siesta Key Olympic the heat proved to be quite the challenge.IMG_6182



Dawn and Don started the day looking chipper, but as the sun began to bake it became more of a slogfest.



IMG_6181Nevertheless, Don still got a 3rd place OVERALL result- even though we were a little off on our target training goals for Kona.


Dawn had a little more of an issue with the heat. A HEAVY sweater (like me) she began experiencing symptoms of dehydration on the bike- even puking at one point.  While some people might call it a day our tough lady pushed through and finished the race! We all have those days and I am very proud of her for staying strong.




Weekend Update: Flowers Sea Swim, NC/SC Regional Time Trial Championships, Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #2, Charleston BrewHaHa

Another fantastic weekend with lots of Team AMEC athletes doing some amazing stuff.  This week we even have an international event to talk about :-)

This is first time I get to talk about a family member.IMG_2697

My aunt Tricia (left) and her sister Chris did the Flowers Sea Swim in Grand Cayman. It was her first open water swim event ever.  We had discussed it over Christmas and I assured her that even at 59 years old she was not crazy to consider doing it! She was an accomplished swimmer growing up in Maryland and I knew she would do great.  She completed the swim in 42 minutes- placing 489th overall out of 915 finishers.  Tricia said the water was beautiful and about 1/4 of a way through the swim a sea turtle swam right under her.  She loved it so much that she is considering doing it again next year.

In case you’re wondering, her little sister Chris finished in 36 minutes, placing 306th overall.


Saturday was the NC/SC Regional Time Trial Championships.



Dawn and Don both participated as a training day for future events.  Our goal for Dawn was to hold her goal Olympic Triathlon pace for the 40k event. She did exactly that and it was good enough for a 3rd place in the Master’s Women 45+ category.  It was her first ever time trial and I am very proud of her results.

With Don, our sights are still on Kona training so we had a goal of holding 95% of his FTP. He nailed it- and then managed to run 6 miles at a 7:13 pace right off the bike. After the race we went back and looked at his results from last year and his average power was 10% higher this year.  I am feeling really good about his progress and training.







I don’t really talk about myself here but I thought I would just throw in a picture of my gold medal finish in the Master’s Women 35+ division.  Considering I am only 2 weeks “recovered” from DirtyKanza 200 I wasn’t really expecting great things.  Even though it was not even close to a PR for me, it was still good enough for the top step so I’m pretty happy with that.




Sunday was the 2nd race of the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series and we had a huge day.  IMG_6165


I made a surprise appearance to cheer everyone on and managed to get a bunch of pictures.  Everyone did GREAT as usual and I was so happy that I had the ability to be there.  I always start with the women’s results so today I will change it up and talk about the guys.








I saw Pearce immediately after he finished and I’m pretty sure he threatened me to not take this picture.  However, I’m the coach and I make the rules so I did it anyway.




He shaved 2 minutes off his time from the first race and placed 1st in his division.  He was 2nd in the division a few weeks ago.  So he now has to defend his position the rest of the series so he can also be the overall series winner.







Shaun, seen here with fellow Team AMEC peep Cindi, raced his first sprint of the season.  He placed 1st in the 40-44 AG.  I’m super excited about that, obviously, but even more so because this is NOT an easy AG to be in. These are some seriously fast dudes.  We are going to continue to work on the sprint series while we start to transition to IM Florida training.






Milo, seen here with his lovely daughters, had a great day.  In fact, it was just as great as his race a few weeks ago- somehow managing to finish in 1:10:07 BOTH times.  Today that was good enough for a 7th place in AG- up from 8th a few weeks back. While this is still his PR time by A LOT- we certainly need to chip away at that time next time.  Looks like more speed work for us!






I managed to get several of my ladies together at one time for a picture.  Here are Cindi, Dawn, Melisa, and Joelle all smiles post-race.

Dawn, coming off of her awesome results the day before, raced her first sprint of the season. She did great, putting out an amazing bike split again today after riding really hard yesterday! She’s kicking butt in all areas but she is REALLY making some awesome strides in her riding.  I am really happy for her and how much she loves her bike.






Cindi, who has been with me a month now, had a GREAT day.  She won her AG and PR’ed by a few minutes.  I can only imagine that as the summer progresses she will continue to get faster and faster.  I am really looking forward to watching her season.










Joelle shaved 1 minute, 8 seconds off her time from the first race- which also put her 2nd in her AG this week, up from 3rd in the May race.  We are going to keep chipping away at that sprint time while we transition to her half-ironman training in a few weeks.










Melisa is slowly returning from a chronic injury and raced her first race of the year.  She finished 4th in her AG after not being able to run for a very, very, very long time.  I know she is thrilled to be back at it- and we are all glad to see her out there again!










I managed to catch Melissa with her daughter Emily who also raced today.  Melissa did great today- finishing 2nd in her AG.  She continues to improve while we are moving towards her fall half-ironman.







Bree had a tough field today- lots of ladies came out in her category.  However, she crushed her time from the 1st race and placed 5th.  We are going to still do some short races but have now officially transitioned to IM Florida training.







Missy- another one of my new and awesome ladies- had a fantastic PR and placed 5th in her AG.  She’ll be doing the rest of the sprint series and then moving on to her very first half-ironman at the North Carolina 70.3  Can’t wait to watch her continue to improve.






On another note, Team AMEC peeps aren’t just great athletes.  Hank and Pearce are also masters of home brewing.  The founders of Octohops managed to win the People’s Choice Best Homebrewers at the Charleston BrewHaHa.   Follow Octohops on facebook to keep up with their beers and anything else they may have on the horizon.


Thanks for making it to the end of this long post and your interest in support of these amazing athletes!

Weekend Update: She Tris, Middle Tyger, Raleigh 70.3, Lowcountry Splash, and Floppin’ Flounder 5k

IMG_6113Man, it was another great weekend for my athletes! IMG_20160604_105212432_HDR1

This was the inaugural She Tris women’s only triathlon in Mount Pleasant, SC and Team AMEC had quite the representation.  Elizabeth, Sara, Bree, Melissa and Missy, took to the streets and rocked it out.

As usual, these ladies managed to track each other down and snap a few pics before and after the race.  Joelle, who was volunteering the event, recognized Elizabeth- who doesn’t live her and so the other women have not met her before- and grab a great picture with her.







Elizabeth became a triathlete- participating in her very first event- and is now hooked. She had a very impressive time of 1:21 and has her eyes on the podium in this race next year.




Sarah had a great day, placing 2nd overall.   She’s been very involved as a mentor in the Tri it For Life group and was able to participate with all these special women doing their first race.









Bree had an amazing race with GREAT time splits and managed to grab the top spot in her division.  She is having a great season and will continue her streak at the next Charleston Sprint Triathlon series, and then we start to transition to 70.3 and 140.6 training.




While we are discussing 1st places, Melissa ALSO snagged the top step in her AG.  She is having a great summer series as well. Just like Bree, we’ll be looking towards the fall 70.3 season just around the corner.






Newest team member, Missy- also very involved in the Tri it For Life group- was not left out in the podium department.  She grabbed 2nd in her AG.  She will be racing the 70.3 North Carolina as her first half ironman this fall and I am very excited to be working with her on that!





Doug is still working on racing every weekend- and so far it’s still working out great for him.  This weekend he took the 1st place in AG spot (and, yes- there was a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th… participant) at the Middle Tyger triathlon in Spartanburg.  Check back next week because, you know, he’s racing again 😉




Here’s Matt, taking in the calm before the storm at Raleigh 70.3 on Sunday. Even with the increasing brutal heat as the afternoon progressed he had a great race and pulled out a 7th in AG.  And, guess what? We are also getting ready to ramp up to full ironman training as we prep for IM Maryland.




Triathlons weren’t the only happenings this weekend.  We had 2 reps at the Lowcountry Splash– a 2.1 or 5 mile swim in the Charleston Harbor.

Milo completed his first ever long distance open water swim. He particiapted in the 2.1 mile event, coming in right at an hour.  I understand there wasn’t much current helping the guys out today and I’m really happy with his results.  And – sounds liking a broken record here- he is ALSO training for his first 70.3 in the fall at 70.3 North Carolina.



We’ve officially started Don’s Kona training- and what better way than to do the 5 mile swim.  Finishing in 1:57  we are off to a good start.  Stay tuned on his efforts trying to have a great result at the Ironman World Championships.




Last- but certainly not least- Meridee is continuing her comeback towards running excellence!  She race the Floppin’ Flounder 5k and brought in a trophy of her own- placing 2nd in her AG.  We are gearing up to her first half-marathon since before her injury- the Rock and Roll Chicago half – and I am looking forward to watching her kill it.