The Fireweed 400


The beautiful Alaskan scenery

Tiffany is all smiles

Tiffany is all smiles

I met Tiffany in 2009 through one of my triathlon training camps. She was new and eager to get into endurance sport.

Now living in Alaska, she approached me about my thoughts on her doing the Fireweed 400. As the name implies, its a 400 mile race across Alaska.  After 75 miles of beautiful temps and scenery, the next 120 miles became rain and headwind.  She pushed though, and I am so proud of her. What an amazing accomplishment!

Weekend Update: Regional Track Meet, Charleston Sprint Triathlon #3

Colin, winning the 3000m and becoming Regional champion.

Colin, winning the 3000m and becoming Regional champion.

Colin had a great weekend at regionals: winning the 3000m and therefore advancing to Nationals!  Additionally, he came in 4th in the 1500m with a time of 4:37- a PR for him.  Very happy for him and anxiously awaiting to see his seeding for Nationals.


At CSTS #3, the athletes braved some windy conditions but did awesome!

From my coached athletes:

Ken and Jerry battled it out in their AG and placed 3rd and 4th, respectively.  Heather shaved 2 minutes off her previous race time and finished 7th in her AG.

From my TotalCyclist athletes, EC finished 1st in her AG and PR’ed.  Again! Joelle placed 3rd in her AG, and Ed placed 7th.


Great job to all.



Weekend Update: Lumberman Tri, Chicago ITU World Tri, Blood Sweat and Gears, Double Down Circuit Race.

Another great weekend of racing.  Katrina, who has only been training 4 weeks after an injury put out an awesoe 4th place AG finish at the Lumberman olympic distance triathlon.  Looking forward to seeing what she can do the rest of the season.

Also, extremely proud of Christian who completed his first ever olympic distance triathlon in Chicago at the ITU World tri. He’s excited to move on and do more!

Andy continues to prepare for the Norseman by completing the epic Blood, Sweat, and Gears.

And Pearce moved out of the realm of triathlon briefly to complete his first day of bicycle racing at the Double Down Circuit Race.  I was there racing myself and it was really fun to watch him!


Katrina, celebrating her 4th place AG finish

Christian, at his first ever olympic distance triathlon.

Christian, at his first ever olympic distance triathlon.

Weekend Update: Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #2, SC State Track Meet


Colin, winning the 1500m at the State meet

2014 TryCharleston Bike

Toby, looking pro



Colin, winning the 3000m at the State meet


Jerry and EC, AG and overall Masters Female winners, respectively

Another great weekend for my peeps!  Didn’t get a lot of pictures, but we have lots of results to discuss.

Colin continues to impress me with how well he is doing at track and field.  At the SC state meet this weekend he won the 1500m with a time of 4:42.  Not only is he state champion, but he also set a new team record for this event.  That was Saturday.  On Sunday he won the 3000m with a time of 9:57.  Not only is he now state champion of that as well, he also set a STATE record.  Super stoked for him!!!  Stay tuned because he will be heading to Regionals in 3 weeks.

The Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series continues to bring great results for Team AMEC.  Let’s go through them.

Ec, who is one of my TotalCyclist athletes won overall Master’s female and PR’ed her bike split by 2  minutes.  That’s a lot of time for a sprint distance!

Heather got 6th in her AG.

Don, another TotalCyclist athlete won overall Master’s male.  This was after he did the 40k SC State Time Trial yesterday. Amazing!

Toby got 2nd in his AG AND PR’ed by 6 minutes!!! This is in addition to him also doing the 40k SC State Time Trial yesterday.  Looks like that was a good leg opening event.

Pearce, having come off of mostly long endurance-based Ironman training got 2nd in his division.  He’s looking forward to me throwing a lot more high intensity speedwork at him over the summer.

Robert got a bike split PR and 3rd in his AG.

And, last but not least, Jerry PR’ed his bike split by 2 minutes as well AND won his AG.

I couldn’t ask for better.  Thanks again to all of you for trusting me with your training.

Weekend Update: Eagleman 70.3, Escape the Cape Tri, Asheville Half-marathon, Ridge to River Trail Run


Ken being Ken after the Eagleman 70.3

Another great weekend for Team AMEC.  Ken finished the Eagleman 70.3 with PR splits for both the swim and the run.  Plus after his bike computer died at the start of the race he had to do the entire bike by feel- not so easy.


Laura on the podium at Escape the Cape

Laura had a great result at the  Escape the Cape Olympic triathlon in Cape May, NJ. As you can see, she is standing pretty on the 3- third place in her AG.  This race started with an exciting time trial start jumping off a ferry into the water.



Tracey, after number 6 in Asheville

Tracey completed her 6th half marathon of the year at the Asheville Half-marathon. She continues her quest in July at a trail half in Columbia.


Amy at the Ridge to River 10 mile trail run

And finally, Amy crushed the Ridge to River 10 mile trail run.    This was her first trail run race- and her first trail run of this distance.  She’s currently training for a road half-marathon and I may have left out the part about how hard this would be.  She put out a very impressive time and had fun, I think.


That’s it for last weekend.  The Charleston Sprint Series Triathlon #2 is next weekend and I have big Team AMEC representation.  Stay tuned!