Weekend Update: Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series #1

The Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series is underway and we had a GREAT race 1!



It’s hard to believe that the series is here as it is a huge part of my coaching career.  I have enjoyed watching athletes race and improve in these races for the last 9 years! I love these Sunday mornings when I check my phone for the first text of the day: a picture of all my peeps gathered together pre-race.  I love helping each of them improve but I love the fact that they are so supportive of each other even more!


Today we had podiums, PRs,  and honorable mentions.





Bree 3rd in division

Darrell 1st in AG

Ken 1st in AG


Darrell over 5 minutes

Missy over 3 minutes

Melissa over 1 minute

Sheri over 3 minutes




Badass Honorable Mentions Awards:

Joelle raced after having fever and chills the day before

Dawn raced after waking up with a sore throat

Milo beat someone significant, and I’m going to leave it at that 😉



I can’t wait to continue to report on all of these athlete’s improvements, plus the results of all the others who could not be there today. It’s going to be a great summer- stay tuned!

Weekend Update: Jekyll Island International Triathlon, Green and Lean 5k, Ragnar Cape Cod

Yet another awesome weekend of racing in the books!



The Jekyll Island International Triathlon was the kick-off race for Sarah and she kicked ass.   Last year she finished in 3:07 so her goal this year was to break 3 hours.  Based on how she’s been performing this year I tried to tell her this was setting the bar WAY too low.





Needless to say, when she texted me that she smashed her goal- finishing in 2:44,  placing 2nd in her AG only 40 seconds from first, and coming in 5th overall female- I was not even the least bit surprised. Elated yes, surprised no.   I am so very proud of her!!!





Also a quick shout out to Sarah’s husband Josh, who also had a great race and placed in his AG for the first time!  He’s recently been using the magical weapon of training at TotalCyclist and he knows it’s helping him get stronger on the bike.

Brian had a great day at the Green and Lean 5k.  This was the first race under his belt since we have started working together, having been sidelined by injuries and surgery for quite some time.  He did GREAT and won his AG. We’ve been periodically “testing” his mile and 5k paces in training and his 6:45 average pace this weekend is faster than his 1 mile pace a few months back.  At this rate’ll be sub-20 minutes in no time and closer to all his 2017 goals.

Finally, Melissa had a great weekend at the Ragnar Cape Cod Relay.  She participated with her daughter Emily and ran 3 legs with a total of 19 miles, and got stronger and faster as she went along.

Check back next week as we will have a HUGE presence at the first Charleston Sprint Series race.

Weekend Update: TryCharleston

While Parris Island triathlon is the official kick-off race of the season, TryCharleston is the official first race of the Charleston local scene.



I love the races where Team AMEC has a big presence.  Everyone is so supportive of one another and it makes for such a great race experience. They stick around until the last one of them finishes and offer encouragement to one another- even when they are technically racing each other in the same AG.

There were both a international and sprint distance this year and we had racers in both.


Darrell, still flying high after his huge Cooper River Bridge Run PR, crushed it again.  He set an international distance PR and placed 2nd in his AG.

Jason, still coming back from a nagging run injury all winter, is building back his speed. No PR today, but we set a benchmark for his international distance time to beat later this season.

Melisa finished her first triathlon in over a year due to a chronic muscular issue.  She jumped into the international distance and gave it her all. I’m very proud of her determination.

In the Sprint distance, our ladies did very well.

Melissa took a break from structured training over the winter and I am so happy to have her back in the swing of things.  She killed it, placing 3rd in her AG.

Dawn also had a great day.  After a huge bummer of being involved in a bike crash a few weeks ago and breaking her brand new bike, she picked herself up and dusted off her old bike and did GREAT.  She placed 4th in her AG.

Bree had a great day and placed 2nd in her division.

Great work everyone and stay tuned for more great results!

Weekend Update: Cooper River Bridge Run and Humane Society 5k

This might have been one of the best years at the Bridge Run for Team AMEC.   All the hard training paid off and everyone cruised into the finish line happy with their times and we had lots of PRs.



Lets start with PRs…

Sarah shaved 1:20 off her previous best and met her goal of breaking 45 minutes with a time of 43:41 and 13th in her AG- which is amazing considering how many racers she was up against.




Missy shaved 5:30 (CRAZY!!!!!) off her previous best bridge run AND PR’ed her 10k time in general by almost 4 minutes.


Darrell shaved almost 4 minutes off his last year’s time- when he wasn’t yet with Team AMEC, I might add ;-).  He also came in under 45 minutes with a time of 44:27.




Elizabeth shaved and incredible NINE minutes of her previous best.




Burt ran with his youngest and came in at an impressive 48:05.  Also a huge prop to his oldest (which you can see is NOT old ;-)) for coming in at an incredible 41:45.


Milo used this as a taper run for his half ironman next weekend and came in at 49:15.  Not a shabby time!


And, while no PRS for Ken or Jason, it was to be expected since both have been coming back from injury.  Both came in under 50 minutes which is a great time- and since neither of them have been running much for the last month I am super impressed.




And finally a shout out to Patty who ran the Wilmington area Humane Society 5k. Much of the race was on sand and mulch and she still PR’ed her overall 5k time.  That put her 1st in her AG.


Great job, everyone! See you next week for more updates.

Weekend Update: Parris Island Triathlon and Rugged Maniac

The Parris Island triathlon marks the official beginning of tri season here in South Carolina, and it’s a great race to assess where we are fitness-wise and where we need to make improvements.  It’s never anyone’s peak fitness race, but we had some GREAT results none the less.



Missy started off the season with a bang- coming in with a PR of 5 minutes from this race last year!!!!  She finished 5th in her very competitive AG and I am very pleased with where we are starting from. She has a long season ahead with her first full ironman in the fall. I am looking forward to helping her get there.





Tracey is starting off her season with not quite as much early season training as we would have liked as work has been getting in the way. However, she did have a good race coming in 8th in her AG.  Plus, she then had enough energy to quickly recover and run the Beaufort Twilight 5k that evening. She came in 4th in her AG that evening.





Sheri had fun and put out a good race time.  She beat her goal run split by almost 1:30, which shows the hard work on improving her run over the off-season.  She place 10th in her AG. I am happy with where we are starting and looking forward to a great season with her.


No picture of Burt but he had a great race. We’ve only been working together a few months, and we were definitely expecting for him to be in prime race shape this weekend.  After last weekend’s 2 man team WIN at Peyton’s Wild and Wacky 10 x 5k we did some quick early week recovery and he finished 4th Open Master’s Male and 8th overall male with a time of 59 minutes.  I know we can fine tune his training and get him super fast for the sprint series and then a late season half ironman.



And finally, a quick shout out to Dawn and her Rugged Maniac team. IMG_1483


One of the off-season goals that we had this year was to improve her overall strength- which meant lots of boot camps and at home strength workouts.  It paid off as she said, “I can’t believe how much stronger I was than the last time I did this.” As most of you know, I’m a very firm believer in strength work and I know this added strength will show in her triathlon race results this year as well.


That’s it for this week but check back soon.  In the meantime, train smart.  If you want my help,  I still have a couple coaching slots for the 2017 season and it’s not too late to get started!