Weekend Update: IM Chattanooga, Adams County Half Marathon


Nathan starting the run at IMCHoo

Some great results from Team AMEC members this weekend:

Starting with Nathan, who crushed IM Chattanooga with a time of 10:30:45.  Super impressive time anyway, but even more so because during his training he moved to a different state AND his wife had a baby two weeks ago.  So, to say he may have raced a little sleep-deprived would be an understatement.  Huge props to his wife, Kara, who supported his training/racing during her pregnancy and with a brand new baby.  It’s been so great to work with Nathan.  Wondering what he’ll want to do next???



Amy, hanging with the Amish after her race

Amy killed it at the Adams County Half Marathon in the Amish country of rural Ohio.  She PR’d on an extremely tough, hilly course and felt GREAT.  Amy is geared up and ready to rock her first marathon in a few weeks: The Columbus Marathon Super excited for that!

Athlete Update

Anna with Olympian Bob Schul

Anna with Olympian Bob Schul

Another update about Anna just arrived in my inbox. From her dad:

…I emailed you in mid-August after her first race of the season and also her first career victory. During Anna’s next five races she didn’t win anymore, but she consistently finished in the top five. Anna was getting kind of frustrated, but I told her to be patient, stay positive and keep working on the training drills Anne Moore taught us. You explained that those drills would help strengthen the muscles Anna needs to finish a race. Finally, this past Saturday, Anna raced to her second career victory and beat a very good runner who had beat Anna two weeks previous!

All of Anna’s junior high runs are two mile races. Her PR this season is 12:36. Attached is a picture I thought you might enjoy of a race earlier this season called the Bob Schul Invitational and named after the only American to ever win a gold medal in the 5000 meters. Anna was happy to meet Bob Schul!

Weekend Update: Kiawah Island Triathlon, Hellhole Gravel Grind

Another great weekend for Team AMEC.  Let’s start with the Kiawah Island Tri :

Tracey completed her first ever olympic distance triathlon in preparation for her first ever half ironman coming up in October.  She loved the distance, did GREAT, and I think she might be hooked.  Congrats to her.

Tracey finishing her first Olympic distance!

Toby, who is still “recovering” from becoming a new dad to twin boys did amazing as well- finishing 5th in his AG and PRing by 2 and a half minutes.  Very proud of him for getting in the training while being sleep deprived.

Toby prepping for the swim

Toby prepping for the swim

Cameron placed 2nd in his AG and is now preparing for Beach2Battleship half ironman.

AND, finally,  Shaun placed 1st in his and 17th overall!

Great job to all.


Next up was the Hellhole Gravel Grind.   This race had one day races and a multi-day stage race.  Heather placed 2nd in the women’s one day 75 mile distance- an amazing fete.  She had never ridden so far on her mountain bike EVER.  For those who don’t know- that is VERY hard to do.  This race proved to be very difficult and I am super proud of her. Next up is Beach2Battleship half.  She will rock it.

Heather on the podium

Heather on the podium

Pearce was also there, doing the 2 day stage race.  He is preparing for IM Cozumel and we thought this would be a fun way to get more time on the bike instead of just traditional triathlon road riding.  Again, this was a REALLY tough event- 2 days of 75 miles on the dirt roads put a big hurt on everyone.  He did great.

Pearce looking fierce on the single track

Pearce looking fierce on the single track. Courtesy of Brian Fancher Photography

I was out there, too.  I placed 2nd in the overall women’s stage race, which I am pretty happy about.  I don’t talk about myself much on this site BUT I wanted to post a picture to give a HUGE shout to Brian Fancher Photography. He does an amazing job capturing the feel of races and the expressions of the athletes at their best (and worse).

Thanks to Brian Fancher Photography for getting some GREAT shots at the Hellhole Gravel Grind

Thanks to Brian Fancher Photography for getting some GREAT shots at the Hellhole Gravel Grind


Weekend Update: Cedar Point REV3 140.6, White Lake International, Mighty Hamptons Olympic

Another happy Monday reporting my athlete’s successes.  First, a HUGE congratulations to Caroline for finishing her first ironman distance triathlon at Cedar Point REV3!  It’s always a long training process and there are lots of highs and lows during that time.  She went into the race strong and confident and she rocked it! A very rough swim that broke many of the racers did not affect her in the least. I am so very, very proud of her.

Caroline, the ironwoman

Caroline, the Ironwoman

Next, congrats to Katrina for her performance at White Lake International triathlon. She faced some REALLY hot conditions, which caused a lot of problems for many of the participants. She finished 6th in her AG and I’m so stoked! She’s not done for the season- so I can’t wait to see what else she can do.

Finally, congrats to Robert at Mighty Hamptons Olympic triathlon.  Another rough swim started this race, but he did great and finished in the top 20% of his AG.  We’re getting ready for Ironman Cozumel next- his first ironman distance.


LOTS more racing for the year, stay tuned!

Weekend Update: Peletonia and CSTS #5

Pearce, taking the CSTS Championship for his division.

Pearce, taking the CSTS Championship for his division.

NO surprise here that it was another great weekend for Team AMEC.

Jennifer and Michael after their amazing century ride.

Jennifer and Michael after their amazing century ride.

Jennifer and Michael did a wonderful ride for cancer research in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.  The Peletonia has several distance options and all riders are required to raise money.  Jen and Michael did not even OWN bicycles, let alone ride 100 miles on one, 3 months ago but we decided together (well, I STRONGLY encouraged) to select the 100 mile route as the ultimate challenge.  They worked so hard over the last 3 months and I am so proud of their accomplishment.  Can’t wait to see what they want to do next.  One things for sure: they’ve already committed to the Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) next Spring.  That’s a 105 mile ride from Columbus to Portsmouth, Ohio- and then 105 miles back to Columbus the next day.  My husband Chris is from Portsmouth so we’ve decided to join them on this.

And, at the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Race #5, the Championship race of the series, we had some great results as well.  Let’s start with my boys:

Pearce finished the series as the winner of his division!  Second for today’s race and then the points champion for the series.  Not bad, especially considering his hard 4 hour training ride for the Hellhole Gravel Grind the day before.  Awesome!

Robert placed 4th in his AG today and PR’ed.  Great job!

Don placed 2nd and took the series championship in his AG.  Amazing!

Ken placed 3rd in his AG.  Fabulous!

My ladies fared well as well:

Angie, in her first triathlon since having her little girlies, rocked it out with 4th in her AG. Wonderful!

Kelly, in her first triathlon EVER, placed 8th in her AG.  Fantastic!

Heather took 5th in her AG and PR’ed AGAIN.  Super!

Tracey, in her second triathlon EVER, placed 7th in her AG and shaved 4 minutes off her time from her first race.  Outstanding!

Joelle, who has been working so hard on her cycling, took 2nd in her AG and shaved another minute off her bike split.  That’s 3 minutes this year. YAY!

Ec, who has also been killing it on the bike this year, took 3rd today and overall series winner in her AG.  Yippee!

Sad to see the series over for 2014 but 2015 will be here before we know it.  Quiet weekend next week, except Nathan will be doing the Chattanooga 2.4 mile open water swim in preparation for IM Chattanooga in September.